About Us

 Years and years...

Spent trying to find a way to apply the uhmazing statement "Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life". 
I started out in the Gaming industry in Las Vegas a number of years ago, it provided me with many opportunities to learn and grow. It started me on the path to creating a career in software, but it didn't leave me feeling fulfilled. 
I spent endless hours identifying bugs in coding (and no one likes bugs... software related or otherwise) training people all across the US and even internationally. 
I was able to travel, meet new people, learn new things and after every trip, I was always happiest to return home because waiting for me there was my fur baby. 

{Harley Dog}

My career moved on and I moved into the fast-paced world of consulting, being a problem solver, finding cost-effective ways to fulfill clients needs, maximizing their ability to reach their goals and spending more time on the road than at home. 
Projects would separate me from my fur babies for a few weeks at a time and I missed them terribly. Coming back from a long day at the office to an empty hotel room doesn't hold a paw to coming home to the unconditional love and endless excitement of my fur babies.

Finally figuring it out...

Sometimes the turning points in our lives come at the most difficult times. 
I took a tumble down the stairs at home and managed to scratch broken bones off the bucket list. Always being an overachiever, I went for the Gold Medal of broken bones on my first attempt.
During the course of my month's long recovery, I spent most of it working from home. I also discovered the best silver lining ever... I got to spend a TON of time with my fur babies and they stayed by my side every day through my recovery.



Sadly toward the end of my recovery time, one of my babies took ill and passed away.
It broke my heart and took a long time to recover from. It was comforting to have his brother and father with me to get through it, but it made me realize I didn't want to spend any more time away from the best parts of my life and so...
Uhmazing Finds was born. It brings together my years working with software and e-commerce and my love for all the little fur babies in the world. 
It is my hope that with this site I will be able to help you make every moment with your own fur babies the most Uhmazing ever!
P.S. We LOVE hearing about and seeing pics of your furbabies so don't hesitate to share!
With warmest regards,
Carrie, Garm and Gilgamesh  🐶