Why Buy The Pet Carrier Sling Shoulder Bag?

Posted by Carrie Bannigan on

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Why The Pet Carrier?

Our pet carrier sling shoulder bag brings ease and comfortability to any dog owner that wants to have their furbaby in tow!

While most carriers are hung from the shoulder, our carrier is designed to wear cross-body. This helps distribute the weight evenly and eases the tension that can be placed on the neck.


Who Is The Pet Carrier For?

Raise your paws (pun intended) if your dog has ever refused to walk. 🐾

Most dogs communicate their inability or lacking desire in walking by simply sitting down and refusing to walk.

Eliminate the frustration and have your pet carrier sling with you on the go. Then, you can simply carry them when they are tired.




Perfect For Outdoors

Pets love to go on hikes, go sightseeing and even travel!

It's great to have the peace of mind that you can pick them up and carry them comfortably!

Just like keeping mosquito repellant handy gives you peace of mind, this carrier will also make life just as peaceful.   


Selecting Your Perfect Carrier

When selecting your pet carrier sling, keep two things in mind: Size and Color. We currently have 2 sizes available; Small and Large and our color choices are Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Red. 

Click here to see them all!


Makes A Great Gift!

If you've been looking for the perfect gift to give your dog-loving friend, then look no further! They would love to receive this as a gift

So many great reasons to get your hands on this but whichever you choose, get yours today and enjoy the time with your pooch much more!

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