The Best Dog Harnesses For Your Dog

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The Best Dog Harnesses For Your Dog

We personally believe that you can't find anything better for your dog than a dog harness when it comes to taking them for a walk.

While on our walks we've seen so many puppies and dogs that are walked with only a collar and while some have been well trained, others have not. 

We see pulling and worst of all, choking when the owner is trying to get their fur baby to go a different direction.

We put together a list of the best dog harnesses we've found that address different issues as well as add some cuteness :) 




No Pull Reflective Dog Harness Leash Set

This no pull dog harness is our customer favorite. This harness is a great option for larger dogs that tend to pull. 

With the around the chest and leg design, it is sure to stop them. The harness leash combo, that's also reflective for night safety, makes a great all-in-one purchase too!



Dog Car Safety Harness

Car safety is SO important! PetAutoSafety reports that there are over 6 million car accidents where dogs have been in the car.

The top accident reason was a free-roaming dog that distracted the owner.

It's so much better to keep your loved one safe! Grab one of these and simply buckle it in and attach it to your dog. Easy peasy and your pet is safe!



GoPro Dog Harness

Now, this is a fun one, document your dog's journey! Just imagine seeing the world from your dog's point of view!

This harness is just a fun item to add to your collection and you can use it as a harness too during your walks. 

Attach your GoPro to the mount on the back, record and watch for fun!



Top Favorites From Amazon

We've picked these two for separate reasons even though they both achieve no choking which is huge for us!

First, covered in flowers, this is a cute design for your cute little girl dog. Don't let the cute fool you, it serves its purpose well!



Second is the Blueberry Pet dog harness that features a padded front that goes around the chest. 

Available in 5 colors and is very durable as well!



In Conclusion

Regardless of the type of dog harness you choose, make sure to follow the measurements so it fits properly. Most can be adjusted but double check that it has that feature to make sure.

Good luck on your search and happy dog walking!

The Fur Parents 🐶


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