7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe On Memorial Day

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7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe On Memorial Day

Honoring The Fallen

Memorial day is one that honors our fallen heroes and pays tribute to those who sacrificed so we could have the freedoms we enjoy today.

We here at Uhmazing Finds truly hold all service men and women near and dear to our hearts, fallen and active.


America Celebrates

To celebrate, most employers provide a 3-day weekend to their employees. It's a day of parades and fireworks with picnics or food trucks tempting us at every turn.

While these activities can be fun to enjoy with family, fur babies, and friends, it can also be a scary time for some pets.


Fido's Excitement

If your fur baby is anything like ours, they will be so excited to leave the house and go wherever it is that you're taking them!

Whether it's for a walk, a hike or even heading to the park, you can bet that they will just love being by your side.


Excitement Can Turn To Struggle

While getting out and about can be very exciting, there are some pets however that will start to struggle once the excitement is over.

Whether it's being around too many people, having too many other dogs and smells around or worse, the scariness of the fireworks at the end of the night.

Regardless of the reason, things can happen and it's our jobs to keep our pets safe. We put this list together below so you can be a well-prepared fur parent.


7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe On Memorial Day

Keep your pet on a leash and equipped with a tag

I know that we like to think we know our pets and perhaps 99.9% of the time Fido listens really well and doesn't need a leash. In this case, it's better to be safe plus, in most parks/areas it's a rule to keep your pet leashed at all times. The biggest reason is you don't know how other pets will react so it's best to keep yours leashed and by your side.

In addition to a leash, adding a pet ID tag can be a real lifesaver! If your loved one happens to jolt off, it's a great way for others to get in contact with you to return them back to safety.


Stay in the shade and keep hydrated

Keeping your pet cool is super important, especially while out hiking or in the park where shade may not be readily available. It can be overlooked at times but dogs can get sunburned too. If the park you plan to attend may have limited trees, picking up a small tent can be just the thing to help.

In addition to the shade of trees or tents, having plenty of water on hand for Fido is even more important. Their thirst level will be twice or more as high from being outside and with all the excitement of the day. To save on space, the Collapsible Foldable Silicone Travel Dog Bowl is a great option. It's an easy carry solution that still provides the water needed throughout the day.


Pack first-aid safety supplies

Whether you're planning a hike or even just heading to the dog park, keeping first-aid safely supplies on hand is super smart. You never know when a slip can happen and having antiseptic wipes and gauze bandages on hand can make a difference. If you're looking for a simple carry pack with everything you need to treat your fur baby, check out our Pocket Pet First Aid Kit here.


Avoid sprays and repellants 

Unless the spray you are using is specifically designed for pets, insect repellant and sunscreens can be toxic to pets. Signs of repellent toxicity include drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and lethargy. DEET, a common insecticide in products for humans, may cause neurological issues in dogs so it's safe to say "stay away".

Bring toys to keep Fido entertained BUT!

Bringing toys along is a great way to keep your pooch entertained. They can get bored too! 

BUT! Don't bring their favorite toy along. Save that for home because as nature may have it, some dogs become territorial when they are around others. It's best to prevent any potential fights and leave those at home.


Be aware of food hazards

There will be smells of hot dogs and hamburgers and all kinds of good food during the parades and park days and believe us, your dog will be tempted. It's really important to keep an eye on your pooch because accidents happen and food can fall off our plates.

Some foods can contain Xylitol which is deadly to dogs. Check out this extensive list of products that contain Xylitol. It's best to bring your dog's own food so they can eat safely and remain on schedule. 


Fireworks can cause a scare

Ending the evening with fireworks is very common. While fireworks are enjoyable to most humans, it's no secret that most dogs get skittish when fireworks go off.

Purchasing a Thundervest is one option to help your pet feel safe. Cuddling them during this time is also a good option. If your pet is extremely skittish during this time, it's best to stay at home with them as they know it's a safe space.


However you and your fur baby decide to spend this holiday, we The Fur Parents here at Uhmazing Finds hope you both stay safe and enjoy the time together 🐶

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