3 Ways To Safely Walk Your Dog At Night

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3 Ways To Safely Walk Your Dog At Night

With time changes and crazy work schedules, walking our fur babies before it gets dark can be challenging.

Currently, we are living on the outskirts of Atlanta and our area gets pretty dark at night. This not only makes it feel a little scary for me but it also raises my attention to keep our rescue dog Gilgamesh safe too!

Knowing that others could be feeling like we do too, we decided to write this article and share our favorite ways to safely walk your dog at night.


3 Ways To Safely Walk Your Dog At Night


1. Carry A Flashlight or Use Your Phone

This may seem a little cumbersome, especially the flashlight idea but it definitely works. When you have a light on you, it will catch the attention of others very easily. 

Most phones have a flashlight setting on them, take a look at your phone and see if you have it. If so then you're in luck as it's one less thing to carry!



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2. Reflective Dog Safety Light

Attaching a simple yet super effective safety light to your dog's collar can help keep your fur baby safe.

One example is shown below and it even comes designed as a cute bone. 

Reflective Dog Safety Light


3. Use A Reflective Collar and Leash

This is a great "set it and forget it" type of solution. All you need to do is use a reflective collar and leash! 

You won't need to carry anything extra and your fur baby will always be protected. 

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Night Safety Collar


So remember, walking your dog at night doesn't have to be scary. 

Bonus Tip: Take a familiar route at night when you walk. Doing this and using the right accessories, you're on a sure path to keeping your loved one safe at night ❤️


Thanks for reading! 

The Fur Parents 🐶


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